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Ethiopian Audiobooks and Podcasts for Easy Streaming and Download!

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Listen to your favorite Ethiopian Audiobooks and Podcasts anytime, anywhere.

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Why Download the Semu Audiobooks App?

A large library of Audiobooks and Podcasts in several Ethiopian Languages and Authors awaits you.


Large Library of Audiobooks

We have produced many Amharic audiobooks to date and some in the Oromiffa and Tigrinya Languages.



We host Podcasts in several genres that cover a wide range of topics from Ethiopian History to Tech news.


App Languages

Currently accessible in 7 East African languages: English, Amharic, Oromiffa, Tigrinya, Somali, French and Swahili


Authors and Narrators

You will find audiobooks from renowned authors such as Adam Reta, Alemayheu Gelagay and Hiwot Teffera narrated by talented narrators.

App Features

Designed to provide a seamless listening experience offline after downloading Audiobooks and Podcasts.


Discover Entertaining Audiobooks and Podcasts

A wide collection of Audiobooks and Podcasts span from Short and Long Fiction to Collection of Poems carefully arranged in diverse categories.

Listen to Audiobooks and Podcasts anytime, anywhere.

You can download free Amharic and other language audiobooks on your phone to listen to as you work or travel.

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Easy to use Audiobooks and Podcasts Playback

  • You can easily navigate between chapters, jump 15 sec forward and backward or make notes from the same screen.

  • Do you want to snooze while listening? The Sleep timer feature lets you automatically stop the playback after a convenient period.

Your Library

  • You can save audiobooks to your Wishlist to remember a list of audiobooks you would like to get in the future.

  • Your purchased and free audiobooks and podcasts will be saved in your library for easy access. Your purchased audiobooks will be available to you even if you change your device.

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Add Notes

You can stop the playback and add notes while listening to remember the interesting points you have found. You have the option to edit and delete notes at any time.

In our podcast section, you will find entertaining and informative conversations spanning from Tech News to book discussions. Our Podcasts include memorable shows from your favorite Ethiopian Radio Shows.

Buy Ethiopian Audiobooks and Listen to Podcasts from anywhere in the world.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions or you are an Author, Narrator, or Podcaster that would like to collaborate with us please reach out to us by filling out the form below.

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